All art images are copyrighted.
© Diana Yakobson 2017-2018


Portrait of A.Dobrovinsky” © 11″x 14″

Paper, Ink pen, pencils, markers.



Self-portrait in Sweater” © 11″ x 14″  Ink pen, markers




“Self-portrait in the White blouse” © Ink Pen, paper 11″x14″

Dianna In blouse


“Lady In Pink” © 14″ x 10″ Arches Paper, Watercolors



“Young Flamenco Dancer” © 12″ x 9″ Watercolor paper, watercolor.

Young Flamenco Dancer

“Friends” 11″ x 15″ © Paper, watercolors

Candace Kelley watercolor

“Girl in the Garden” © 11″ x 14″ Paper, markers

Girl in The Garden

“Arrived” © 14″x17″ Paper, markers


“Irina Pasevich” © 11″ x 14″ Paper, Ink Pen, markers

Irina Pasevich




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