All art images are copyrighted. © Diana Yakobson 2017-2019

© Composition with flower 14″ x 17″, watercolor, ink, markers

composition with flower

A Dream ©. 20″ x 26″ Heavy Yupo. Watercolor and Black Ink

A Dream

Netting Design©. 22″ x 30″ Strathmore 400 series heavy paper. Black and Blue Ink.



Flying Fox©. Paper 14″ x17″ Fineliners ( Brown and Grey colors)

FOX by Dianna


Knitting Dreams. paper, Ink Pen



“Hitchcock’s travel”” ©. 14″ x 20″ Paper, Ink Pen



“Andy Warhol Fame” ©. 14″ x 20″ Paper, Ink Pen


” Girl in Pink”© 17″x14″ Paper, Ink Pen, markers

girl in pink

“Touch of summer”  14″ x 20″© Paper, Ink Pen, markers



“Golden Apples”  14″ x 20″© Paper, Ink Pen, color pencil




“The Morning”  © 11″ x 14″ paper, Ink pen, markers

In the Morning

Blue Poudel ©. Paper 14″ x 20″ Ink pen, markers


On a yacht ©. 11″ x14″ Paper. markers ( sold)


Snowing ©. 11″ x14″ paper, markers, black ink

Snowing by Dianna Yakobson

Tropical Burlesque©. 14″ x 20″ Mixed media

Night of Burlesque

Bourgeois couple ©. 14″x 20″ paper, Ink


“Masquerade” © 11″ x 14″  Bristol Paper, markers


“Girl with Biwa” © 14″ x 17″ Canson paper. Markers, watercolors, pencil.

persimon and a girl

“Semi-nude with Piano” © 11″ x 14″ Paper, Markers

Grand Winner 4TH “EROS” AWARDS Magazine, 2016

Hot Midday

“Spring Dance” © 12″ x 17″ paper, Markers, ink

Finalist at 5TH “ZEBRA” Magazine AWARDS, 2017


“Married Hibiscus” © 9″ x 12″ Paper, markers 


“Girl With a Black Cat” © 14″ x 17″  Canson Paper, markers.


Dreamy Light“©14″ x 17” Markers, ink pen, paper

Dianna and Maka dreaming light



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