All art images are copyrighted.
© Diana Yakobson 2017-2019

©Pussy-Willow. 6″x8″ Acrylic on canvas

Pussy willow


Still Life with Fruits © Canvas 24″ x18″, Acrylics

IMG_9361 (1)



Dreaming on Sun©. Paper. Acrylic, markers. 20″ x 14″

Lady on sand

Introvert ©. Acrylic on canvas. 24″ x 18 ”

last version

In Spirals of Oblivion. Acrylic. Canvas 10 1/2″ x 13 1/2 ”




“Gladioluses” 27″ x 39″ Acrylic, Acrylic Panel



“Physics on Vacation” 10″ x14″ Acrylic, Acrylic  Panel

Lev with grey backgound


“High Grass”  36″ x48″ Canvas. Acrylic.


“Blooming Lily”  23″ x 30″ Canvas. Acrylic

Lili small size

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